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Easy to Use interface

Signulu provides a user friendly drag and drop interface for preparing and sending documents in minutes. With multiple signing options and with click of a button, documents can be signed and executed efficiently.

Multiple Workflow Options

You can obtain signatures on the documents/contracts in a sequential, parallel or hybrid workflows with or without multi-factor authentication. You can also enable multiple signing options for signatories based on the document/contract type under the permissible local government regulations.

Multiple Document Storage Options

Signulu provides multiple storage options to store the final executed contracts. This includes cloud storage, secure FTP servers or any third-party document management systems.

Audit Trails

Audit Trails are an important component of Signulu that captures every digital footprint of the the contract/document during the signing process. The document owner can track the activities performed during the process thereby lending integrity, transparency and traceability to the document signing process.

Advanced Identity Verification Capabilities using AI

Signulu provides feature to enable identity verification process before signing any document. This acts as an effective fraud prevention measure and establishes the authenticity of the signer and document or contract. Signulu uses Computer Vision Algorithms and OCR programs to verify the signer's identity before signing the document.

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