Decreasing, if not completely eliminating, the reliance on paper to get business done is a focus of many organizations right now. None more so than the legal industry where boxes and file cabinets full of documents are still a common sight in many offices. So, too, are stacks of expensive overnight envelopes, toner cartridges and reams of paper. That is why so many law firms are turning to eSignature solutions to streamline their document management and authorization processes. By using a platform like Signulu law firms can significantly decrease administration and overhead expenses, present a contemporary image to clients and have vital agreements, contracts and forms signed in minutes versus hours or days.

No longer will staff have to endure the lengthy and seemingly pointless process of printing documents, having them signed by hand, scanned, sent to the client, wait to have them returned only to then make more copies, scans and files. Wow! That is even tough enough to read much less have to perform. This results in remarkable process inefficiencies and errors, as well as, avoidable costs.

Further, you can rest assured knowing that these documents will be signed with full encryption and stored securely on our AWS cloud servers.

A quick look at how our eSignature software will benefit your law firm

  • Security
    Signulu provides for full encryption of signatures and data to protect the users confidentiality, identity and privacy.
  • Legally binding
    Signulu adheres to all the guidelines of the eSign Act and UETA. eSignatures are able to be audited using each signature’s unique digital certificate.
  • Cost Efficient
    Greatly reduce the use and expense of paper, printer toner and expedited mail costs.
  • Reduce errors
    Because documents can be saved as templates and automatically stored after approvals, there is less room for potential clerical errors.
  • Time Savings
    Significantly shortens your document creation, distribution and approval cycle as clients can sign from their phone or computer in just seconds.

How Signulu Streamlines Document Workflow for Law Firms

Invite Clients to Sign a Legal Form in Seconds

Get Documents eSigned even On-the-go

Keep Confidential Data Protected

Seamlessly Collaborate on Documents

Make your Documents Look Professional

By spending less time on document administration, office management and paralegals can devote themselves to more significant client development and retention efforts rather than in front of a copier or completing overnight mail forms. Employees will be happy, clients will be happier and your bottom line will look better for using Signulu, the digital signature platform made for your business.

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