Did you know that over half of all of business transactions are expected to be made from mobile devices by the end of 2020? In a world that is transitioning to a paperless, remote workplace, eSignature solutions have become more important than ever. The finance and banking industries deal with an overwhelming amount of documentation every single day. Not to mention, the ever-changing regulatory backdrop and customer expectations in which you operate demand your institution is more secure, agile, and accessible than ever before.

Whether you are a boutique finance firm, a mortgage lender, assets management firm or in retail banking - Signulu is all about boosting your document management workflow, efficiency, and alleviating many of your manual tasks with our cloud-based eSignature solution.

how will signulu benefit your
financial institution?

  • Documents in your clients’ hands faster than ever before
    Avoid delays and reduce the time it takes to get documents authorized by over 80%! Because the whole distribution and authorization process occurs online, there is no need to copy, scan or mail documents then wait days for your clients to sign and send them back. Rather, you can send and receive your documents back in minutes, rather than hours or days, because Signulu can be accessed from a phone or pc. If you have a data connection, then business will get done anywhere anytime.
  • Clear visibility to document status
    No more wondering if your customer has received, much less approved documents you have sent them. Using Signulu’s transaction dashboard, get clear real-time visibility into who has received and signed all necessary forms. Especially helpful when multiple parties need to review the same set of documents. Know immediately which party is delaying the process.
  • Stay secure, trusted and compliant
    Signulu uses AWS TLS 1.2 encryption that offers privacy and protection of all user's data. Signulu guarantees other several security features - such as tamper-proof audit trail, data encryption, and signer authentication. It is compliant with industry standards for protection, continuity, availability, and system confidentiality. Further, Signulu is legally binding as it complies with all major eSignature laws including ESIGN, ITA-2000.
  • Drastically Reduce Overhead Costs & Create a “Greener” Workplace
    How many reams of paper and toner cartridges does your organization go through in a month? In a year? It is probably much more than you would like, both from a cost perspective and from an environmental one. According to the Sierra Club, the United States produces over 20 million TONS of paperwork each year. Yet, only a bit more than half of that waste is ever recycled. By utilizing a completely digital platform for document management, you can significantly reduce overhead costs and save a few trees while you are at it, as well.

Various use cases of Signulu's eSignature for Finance Companies

  • Transfer of assets
  • Loan and mortgage applications
  • Change and approval of beneficiary forms
  • Change and approval of address forms
  • Retainer contracts
  • Maintenance and account change forms
  • Delegation of authority
  • Preparation and approval of credit reports
  • Audit sign off
  • Disclosures
  • New account openings
  • Subscription documentation
  • Redemption requests

Summary of Signulu Benefits:

Speed up In-person eSigning

Receive Timely Payments

Manage Complex eSignature Workflows

Avoid Retyping the Same Information Over and Over

Seamlessly Collaborate Inside Your Department

Store Documents in Secure Cloud Storage

Using an eSignature solution like Signulu will create more efficient workflows for your internal and external document management processes, alike. Do not let mountains of paperwork get in the way of your company’s productivity. There is a better way to do business and you are only a few clicks away from beginning that journey.

If you feel that Signulu can help your banking or financial organization achieve its digital transformation goals, give us a call today and start enjoying the advantages of our platform immediately. And best of all you can try the full version FREE with our 14-day free trial period.

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