Utilizing e-Signature in the Staffing Industry

In today's digital world, applying transformational strategies has become the single most important priority for virtually every business and the recruiting and staffing industry is no exception. The process of identifying, screening and interviewing candidates has become ever more challenging as the result of the COVID-19 virus. And, when you cannot meet these interviewees in person, it has also become more difficult to have them sign all the necessary forms they typically do upon a visit to your office. One of the tools most commonly being implemented to overcome these conditions is an e-Signature solution like Signulu. Why?

Everyday recruiters have to deal with dozens of candidates who are often asked to review and sign any number of documents from non-disclosure agreements, background checks and possibly immigration forms. Oh, and they need to do so ASAP! The process can be a lengthy and exhaustive one nowadays. However, thanks to e-Signature solutions, businesses can now manage these tasks more securely, timely and efficiently.

Benefits to Recruiting Professionals in using eSignature Solutions from Signulu

  • New Candidate Documentation
    You do not want to let the right talent slip away due to lengthy and annoying recruitment processes. With an e-signature platform like Signulu, a staffing professional can expedite the entire document management process and get necessary forms signed up to 80% faster than the old-fashioned paper-based routines. And, with a majority of job seekers being Millennials and Gen Z'ers, it is important for your company to adjust its routines to better match the way this demographic is accustomed to an exclusively digital lifestyle.
  • Faster approvals of Candidates’ Non-Disclosure Agreement
    Get candidates to sign their NDA’s well in advance with eSignature solutions, thus expediting recruiting workflows and keeping prospective employers happy.
  • Easily Track Document Status
    Cut down on unnecessary paperwork and the inconveniences of having to follow up via phone or email to check on the status of pending documents, be it employees, contractors or candidates. Signulu's simple eSignature solution will make it possible to get your documents signed in minutes or hours versus days or even weeks. Further, with the user dashboard, you can oversee document status in real-time.
  • For efficient PTO management
    Signulu's integrated eSignature solutions will enable employees to fill out, sign and upload their timesheets and PTO forms into the Payroll or HR systems using open API’s with more efficiency.

Summary of Signulu Benefits:

Speed up recruitment processes

Get all vital documents signed on the go

Avoid the discrepancies of traditional paperwork

Achieve overhead savings on costs of paper, toner, hardware and postage.

Track document status with the administrator dashboard.

Signulu allows recruiting professionals to focus more of their time on revenue generating activities like candidate identification and requirements pipeline development. This is achieved by streamlining administrative functions inherent with interviewing, hiring and onboarding. Our eSignature platform will save time, increase compliance, reduce errors, and improve the overall document management experience.

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