Did you know that, according to the Electronic Signature & Records Association, businesses experience an 83% improvement in the time it takes to gain approvals and an 86% savings in document costs just by using an eSignature solution? Last I checked, anything that can save you time and money is an old age recipe for success.

Even before a manufacturer can begin to fulfill a customer’s order, there is a lot of time and energy spent just making sure that the appropriate specs, contracts and SOW’s are all aligned and agreed to by both parties. And, as you probably know, that can often be a longer process than actually fulfilling the manufacturing order! That being the case, it is not a surprise that eSignatures came in as a viable solution to assist in expediting this sales process.

Why the Manufacturing Industry is Benefiting from the eSignature Revolution

  • Ease of getting approvals:
    Be it getting approvals on contracts, change orders, or invoices, eSignature solutions from Singulu make it quick and straightforward to make them happen in no time at all. Simply sign in, upload your documents, hit send and wait. Good news is you will wait 80% less than you would sending someone a hard contract to wet sign and send back.
  • Reduces errors:
    eSignatures also help reduce errors in the recording of contracts while re-scanning physical agreements. eSign technology also ensures all the terms and conditions are recorded in a digital format at the time of creation itself, further minimizing the presence of errors.
  • Legally acceptable and ease of integration:
    Not only are eSigned agreements legally acceptable today, but the entire eSignature workflow can easily be integrated with the existing IT infrastructure of the company, helping streamline the whole process. Further, these documents can be traced and verified for authenticity when needed for any statutory audits.
  • Ease of storage:
    Gone are the days when storing files meant rows and rows of metal cabinets and hanging folders. When using Signulu, you can feel confident all your templates and signed documents reside in a secure server on the cloud and not sitting in an easily accessible drawer. Not to mention, what you will save on printing and storage supplies like toner, paper, folders and cabinets.

"Paper forms can be a big hassle for people. Thus, Signulu helps us to manage documents for the Manufacturing Industry safely and securely."

Manage Documents On-the-go

Get Contracts Signed Faster

Collect Multiple eSignature in Minutes

Process Purchase Orders Faster by Generating Reusable Templates

The digital world is the way forward in every domain and space today, why should the manufacturing industry be any different? It's time that this industry, too, adopts the digital revolution. Contact us to learn more about Signulu.

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