In today's economic environment where there is an ever-growing dependency on creating a robust digital experience, an organization's IT Operations team is more vital than ever before. As such, department heads cannot afford to be slowed down by inefficient administrative processes that consume valuable time better spent on vital projects. One area these leaders are looking to improve upon is document management and eSignature solutions.

how signulu can benefit
it operations

  • Digital Asset Tracking
    Go digital with your asset tracking process for everything from having employees sign disclosures to collecting necessary data with Signulu's integrated cloud-based platform. Then,using API’s, import data into relevant asset management systems.
  • Policy Management
    Get your employees to electronically review, acknowledge, and approve IT policies (no matter where they are in the world) with just a few clicks of a mouse and within minutes rather than hours or days.
  • Project Coordination and Authorization
    Improve cross-team communications and reduce errors by getting proper authorizations and sign-offs before making any changes to production requirements or environments.
  • System Change Requests
    From bug fixes to new feature controls, embed authorized sign offs into your IT project management systems.
  • API Integration
    Integrate your existing applications and web sites with our open API’s so you can leverage the power of Signulu without interrupting your current workflows.

Summary of Signulu Benefits

Send Multiple Documents to be Signed Electronically

Keep Workflow Uninterrupted from Anywhere

Generate Similar Forms and Host Them in Seconds

Seamlessly Collaborate on Documents

Foster Staff Productivity

Minimize Risk of Data Loss

Signulu helps you to fully digitize and automate your IT operations' processes and workflows across different domains. Whether it is IT purchasing, chasing sign-offs on projects, or asset tracking - Signulu can remove process inefficiencies and improve coordination. Let Signulu handle your signing and document automation needs, while you focus on completing projects that deliver real business value.

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